CAT AR Design Challenge Winner

An AR Application for CAT Mechanics 

Project Overview

The CAT AR design challenge was part of the World Usability Day Challenge. Students were divided into 4 groups of 3 designers and were tasked with creating an AR application for the CAT mechanics. After multiple review sessions with CAT UX designers and one user testing session each group had to give a 20 minute presentation about there design.  

Tools Used



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Sept 27 2021 –  Nov 11 2021

Our Design

Our design focused on keeping the user on two paths that could be used interchangeably. We had users choose a 3D view or an AR view depending on how they wanted to use the application.  The 3d view was good for mechanics who were stationed at a desktop trying to figure out what was wrong with a machine. While the AR view worked perfectly for mechanics out on the field working on the machine. We also implemented  a way for mechanics to purchase the part they need directly from the application. 

Our Journey Map

Before we could even start designing the application we had to first understand what the user’s typical routine for repairing a machine was. In order to do this we were constantly asking questions about how mechanics went about their day. After we did this we complied a Journey Map outlining the most important steps of the repair process.

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