Dance Connection Bartonville

Giving an old dance studio a new website

Project Overview

Dance Conncetion of Bartonville is a local dance studio dedicated to teaching dance to the children of the Bartonville area. Unfortunately Dance Connection Bartonville’s old website was becoming outdated. It could no longer effectively convey the warm and inviting environment that usually surrounds the dance studio. Working on Dance Connection Bartonville’s website was part of a semester long project for my IM 366 Advanced Web Design course. I was in charge of re-building the website as well as making sure that users can easily navigate and understand the content on the site. This project has completely overhauled Dance Connection Bartonville’s website, allowing them to show off the amazing work being done at the dance studio.

Tools Used

Adobe Illustrator


Front-End Developer
Team Of 4


January 2021- May 20201

About The Client

Our client is a local dance studio known as Dance Connection Bartonville. Dance Connection Bartonville specializes in teaching dance to children ages 18 months to 18 years old. Dance connection Bartonville offers a place for local community kids to come and learn how to express themselves through the art of dance. We were connected with Dance Connection Bartonville through our teacher Greg Lynn whose children attend Dance Connection Bartonville.

The Client's Challenge

Unfortunately, Dance Connection Bartonville’s old website was becoming outdated. It could no longer effectively convey the warm and inviting environment that usually surrounds the dance studio. Some of the things we improved upon are the color scheme, the layout, the typography, and the images being used. Along with re-designing the website the client requested that we added a parent portal feature that would allow parents to electronically sign their kids up for dance classes. This was a great addition to the website because it allows for parents to directly sign their kids up for dance classes without having to leave the comfort of their own home.

Old Stock Photo

New Stock Photo

Our Solution

Before we could begin work on actually designing the website we had to come up with a story that would convince potential customers to use our service. In order to do this we displayed how the teachers at Dance Connection Bartonville build their students’ confidence through the art of dance, and how the lessons learned in the dance studio transition into real world life. After creating a convincing story we then turn to the actual website itself. We selected a cool color scheme that went well with a neutral background. The color scheme was extremely important because it had to display the warm and safe environment of the dance studio along with the fun and excitement of the dance classes. We decided that a nice cool blue color scheme would be best for this along with an off-white background. Before our redesign the images being used on the site were amateur photos of students in the dance studio. We decided to use professionally taken stock photos of dance classes in order to increase the legitimacy of the dance studio. These photos featured kids in dance classes performing a number of different dances. When looking for good images to use where to find images that moved the users eye across the screen, keeping users engaged. We then strategically placed these images around the website to increase user engagement even more.

The Results

The result of a semester’s worth of work is a well designed website that accurately represents the values of the Dance Connection Bartonville owners and teachers. The website is a complete redesign with a fresh new look that displays the best parts of Dance Connection Bartonville. The owner of Dance Connection Bartonville was thankful for the overhaul of the website. She has told us many times that she especially likes the updated color scheme we selected. Overall, I believe that the website turned out great. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, I am happy that I was able to help out a local Peoria business.

The Website Can Be Viewed Here