A golf equipment marketplace app made by
golfers for golfers.

Project Overview

STICKS was a semester-long project for my IM 260 User Interface Design and Develop class. The goal of the app is to connect golfers looking for a new set of clubs with golfers looking to sell their old golf clubs. The app would be easy to understand and allow the user to scan a used club in the app and have a recommended price point suggested to them. The app also offers the users the opportunity to improve their game through professional drills and warm-up videos.

Tools Used

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe XD


Solo Project


January 2021- May 2021

User Goals

The goal of the user is to improve their game of golf by purchasing a new set of golf clubs to buy or by watching in-depth research videos on the game of golf. Users are also able to make a profit by finding a buyer for an old set of golf clubs they are looking to sell.

Business Goals

To make sure that every user can find their perfect set of used golf clubs without having to leave the couch they are sitting on.

Targeted Audience

The average user of STICKS are individuals between the ages of 25-50 who play golf on a regular basis, works 9-5 and, typically golfs on the weekend or their days off.

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