NASA SUITS Competition

Student designed augmented reality UI designs for the NASA SUITS Competition

Project Overview

NASA SUITS is a collaborative design competition offered to universities across the nation. The challenge has teams from each competing school design an Augmented Reality UI using the Microsoft Hololense 2. This UI will aid astronauts in daily activities while on the 2024 Artemis Mission.

Currently, I am a designer on the Bradley Team. Bradley SUITS team is made up of Designers, Engineers, Programmers, and 3D modelers.

Tools Used

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Figma
  • Unity


Team of 4


August 2020- Current

Our Design

For the 2021 competition, we began iterating on the previous years’ design based on the feedback we received from NASA. This year’s competition focused on developing navigation and science sampling features for the upcoming Artemis Mission. It was important to have the UI give the user more information than was necessary in case something was wrong with the spacesuit. This information was then organized in a way to optimize user readability and visual awareness. Over the course of the year, I designed the User Onboarding and Outreach sections of the application. I also played a role in designing the UIA parts of the application.

Test Day Design

Guided Procedure

Our Poster